ISSA Register – PDF Catalogues · ISPS Code ISSA Guidelines · Code of Ethics · Conditions of Sale · Quality · OCEAN · ISSA Register · Membership. The Edition of our famous ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue is now available. The ISSA Catalogue is recognised as the pre-eminent tool when it comes to. Publisher: International Shipsuppliers & Services Association. Format: PDF. Quality: eBook. Description: ISSA Catalogue in PDF format.

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The ISSA Catalogue is published by International Shipsuppliers & Services The ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue is essential reading for all those wishing to. Deck, engine and sea stores by ISSA & IMPA catalogues. • Marine chemicals. • Marine industry valves (DIN. JIS standart). • Marine glue, adhesives, sprays. in the ISSA (= "International Ship Suppliers Association"). A listing of various MultiMetall-products can be found in the ISSA´s "Ship stores catalogue". On the next.

Transportation of Goods to the Point of Delivery shall be charged at cost unless otherwise agreed with the downloadr. If delivery is requested outside the normal hours of the agreed port or port-area or on Saturdays, Sundays or religious or national or legal holidays, expenses incidental to such delivery shall be payable by the downloadr as additional costs.

ISSA Catalogue Booking Form 2012-2013

The Goods shall be deemed delivered on the arrival of the Goods at the stipulated time at the Point of Delivery. The responsibility, cost and risk of unloading the delivery vehicle s and delivering on board are for account of the downloadr. Risk in the Goods but not property therein shall, in all respects, pass to the downloadr upon delivery.

The downloadr shall pay to the Vendor any costs or expenses incidental to any waiting period beyond a reasonable time. All orders and receipt notes will be signed by the master or his authorised representative. Where the Vendor is ordered to deliver Goods other than to a ship responsibility rests with the downloadr to ensure that the person responsible for accepting delivery gives a full and proper receipt for the Goods delivered.


Signed receipt by that party shall constitute acceptance of delivery by and to the downloadr. Prices 4a. Subject to Condition 4b below, in respect of the Goods supplied by the Vendor, the Vendor shall charge to the downloadr the prices current at the relative port or port-area at the time of delivery.

The Vendor may, if requested by the downloadr, send to the downloadr a list stating the prices of Goods and the period for which such prices are to apply.

If such a list has expired and not been renewed, Condition 4a shall apply. Goods which cannot be offered at a price fixed in advance shall be clearly so marked on any such list and in this case Condition 4a shall apply.

ISSA 2013 Catalogue (PDF Format)

Quality and Packing 5. The Goods shall be of standard or prime quality as rated at the time and place of delivery. The Goods shall be supplied in the packing customary at the time and place of delivery. Any additional expenditure incurred in complying with such requirements shall be chargeable to and payable by the downloadr.

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Guito Castro. Eduardo Paredes Mesones.This product catalogue is world recognized as an excellent working tool for storing marine ships.

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