NASA TR R \s%. CHRONOLOGICAL CATALOG. OF REPORTED LUNAR EVENTS by. Barbara M. Middlehurst. University of. Arizona. Jaylee M. Burley. The Catalog TR R released in was at that time the single most complete listing of all observed lunar anomalies that were recorded by. NTRS Full-Text: View Document [PDF Size: MB]. Author and Report/Patent Number: NASA-TR-R Document Type: Technical Report.

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TECHNICAL REPORT □ NASA TR R \s% CHRONOLOGICAL CATALOG OF REPORTED LUNAR EVENTS by Barbara M. Middlehurst University of Arizona. Visit the link below for the research paper released by NASA. compwalsoihassre.gqurf .com/lunascan/papers/Rpdf. Document can also be. Nasa Technical Report Nasa Tr R Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events From to - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or.

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NASA Document TR R-277 – Moon Anomalies Log

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R 277 .pdf

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Moore, P. Norton Co. Moye, M. C, , Observatory, 28, Niesten, L. Olbers, H. Parsehian, J. Piazzi, G. Pickering, E. Public files: Middlehurst University of Arizona Jaylee M. Middlehurst University of Arizona Tucson, Ariz. Jaylee M. In most cases, the original refer- ence has been consulted; Houzeau and Lancaster's Bibliographie General d'Astronomie and the Astronomischer Jahresbericht were useful secondary sources.

Each entry includes a brief description and date of the observation, the name servers , where these are known, and the reference. In the majority of cases the original refer- ence has been consulted; secondary sources such as the new edition of Houzeau and Lancaster's Bibliographie General d'Astronomie and the Astronomischer Jahresbericht were also used. Each entry includes a brief description and date servers , where these are known, and the reference.

The catalog contains all information available to us through October ; many of the reports listed are taken from publications number, column 2 the date of the that are not now generally available.So a wide variety of research was done to try to understand everything that humans of the post-Flood world had learned about the Moon over the ages.

Furnivall, New Shakespere. Williams, W. Many of the listed sightings contend that there were actually multiple witnesses to certain observed recorded events. Reports of observations of temporary bright spots, as well as veils, ob- scurations, and brightening of the floors of craters and other small areas have been included.

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