Completed Novel: Can be downloadd on site - site and paperback. What happens when two are summoned together by a long remembered deal between two enemies to force their alliance in the industry business. But only moments after their marriage Darius is summoned of to finish his. The story of Ivory and Darius continues. You do NOT have to read Marriage by Law to enjoy these short one off stories. There are just short chapters/events that continue in their life. To ask other readers questions about Marriage by Law, please sign up. .. I read this book on Wattpad and absolutely loved it, I cannot wait for it to be published.

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Marriage by Law eBook: N.K. Pockett: site Store. I remember when this book was on wattpad and now it became published and wow it has. Editorial Reviews. Review. Few authors are able to convey a mix of emotions at once in their . Here is another book I was honored to read on Wattpad. I Fight For Her by EverlarkCatoniss Wattpad Stories, Wattpad Books, .. to leave the groom at the altar and you're asked to marry your brother-in-law to be?.

In this short story the heroine is a librarian who discovers her former lover at a solstace celebration.

He left her because he had been taken by the fairies and was the consort of the fairy queen. It's probably not the same one but I thought I'd mention it. It does sound like a very good story, hope you figure out what it is. The heroine is named Rosalind or something like that and is a medieval history professor.

She collects swords and bought one that was cursed and brought forth Thor, a Viking warrior. They fall in love and travel through time, and the only way to break the curse is if she voluntarily gives him the sword back, which she does to free him, but it send them back to their respective times. Her brother and best friend both tell her she's been sick and it's been a dream or some such thing and at the end Thor does appear in her time as a modern man, having appealed to Odin in Valhalla to give him a second chance at life.

I think it was called Until Forever or something like that. It is called Until Forever. I don't usually read contemporaries, but I remember reading one when I was younger that I would like to find again.

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It was written in the 80s and followed the romantic lives of music prodigies who meet at school as teenagers. It followed them into adulthood and was an old school 80s epic. The main character is a virtuoso girl who is considerably younger than the others who has a serious case of unrequited love for the big man on campus. He de-flowers her an expression one never uses outside of a romance novel and then walks out on her. They wind up getting together years later and she of course has only ever had sex once with him as a teenager because who knows.

At the end of the book, they run away together and get married. In the prequel, Garden of Shadows , Malcolm rapes his step-mother, Alicia, resulting in the pregnancy that produced Corrine.

Several years later, Alicia dies, and her son, Christopher Sr. It is then that he meets Corrine, who he thinks is his half-niece but does not know is his half-sister. They fall in love, and later run away together, get married and have four children.

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To a lesser degree, this dynamic also manifests itself in the remaining two Dollanganger novels, If There Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday. A Song of Ice and Fire contains numerous examples of this see also twincest in fiction below : The Targaryen dynasty that ruled the Seven Kingdoms before the series begins often practised incestuous marriages in the tradition of Old Valyria to keep their bloodline pure.

His half-sister Rhaenyra marries her uncle Daemon Targaryen. The Wildling Craster marries his daughters, and even marries the daughters they produce.

Euron Greyjoy is revealed to have raped his youngest full brothers, Aeron and Urrigon, when they were children. Rowling 's Harry Potter series, the main antagonist Lord Voldemort is a descendant of the Gaunt family which is known for marrying their cousins.

Sibling incest in fiction[ edit ] Fantasy fiction[ edit ] In The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley , half siblings Arthur and Morgaine engage in sexual intercourse during a religious ritual and then again the morning afterwards, which leads to the conception of Mordred.

After Morgaine finds out that they are siblings, she that during Arthur's wedding ceremony to Gwenhwyfar , that Gwenhwyfar is looking at Lancelet while Arthur is looking at man who claimed to have the same father as her. Morgaine has an unrequited love for Lancelet, her half-first cousin their mothers are half-sisters and the two share an intimate moment. Morgaine also has an affair with her stepson Accolon and is almost raped by Accolon's older brother.

It is also strongly implied that Lancelet harbors homosexual feelings for Arthur, which he believes may be the reason for his attraction to Arthur's wife. The three of them even share an intimate moment. The historical fantasy novel Teito Monogatari —89 by Hiroshi Aramata features a subplot involving incest.

The minister of finance copulates with his sister, producing a daughter; an act which foils the efforts of the protagonist Yasunori Kato. In the Elenium trilogy —92 by David Eddings , Queen Ehlana's widowed father Aldreas carried on an incestuous affair with his sister, Princess Arissa.

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She had initially seduced him in their youth with the intent of getting him to marry her, as one of the advisors had found an obscure law which would permit it, but was thwarted by the hero's father. The affair resumed after the death of Ehlana's mother and continued until the King's death, at which time Arissa was confined to a convent. After Nienor falls pregnant, Glaurung restores her memory and she and her brother kill themselves in grief. This is a development of the story explored more briefly in Tolkien's The Silmarillion , Unfinished Tales and Book of Lost Tales , all of which included versions of the tale.

The story is based on that of Kullervo from the Kalevala. Science-fiction[ edit ] Incest also appears in the writings of several major authors of science fiction.

Robert A.

Heinlein wrote several stories in which a culture has normalized incest: Methusaleh's Children novel, , Time for the Stars novel, , "—All You Zombies—" short story, , Farnham's Freehold novel, , Time Enough For Love novel, , The Number of the Beast novel, Ursula K. Le Guin 's short story " Nine Lives " features ten clones five male, five female of the same person, whose intimate relationship includes incest.

Incest in literature

Her novel The Left Hand of Darkness contains a story of two siblings who mate, despite a taboo against it. In Philip K. In Piers Anthony 's Bio of a Space Tyrant from , the main character's sister has sex with him when he is 15 and she is In Isaac Asimov 's novel, The Robots of Dawn , on the planet Aurora, family ties are generally not considered important, and incest between a parent and an adult child is considered customary where that family tie is known to them.

Historic fiction[ edit ] Thomas Mann 's The Holy Sinner explores the spiritual consequences of unintentional incest. His short story "The Blood of the Walsungs" also depicts brother-sister incest, drawing explicitly on Wagner's Siegmund and Sieglinde. Carolyn Slaughter 's novel The Story of the Weasel also known as Relations in the US concerns an incestuous relationship between the protagonist, Cathy, and her older brother Christopher, during the s.

The novel Aztec by Gary Jennings contains a subplot that portrays the sexual relationship between the main character Mixtli and his older sister Tzitzitlini, which they manage to keep secret from their parents and the rest of their society- that would have punished them with death- for years, since their late childhood until their adolescence, when circumstances separate them and cause her death.

He pines for her for many years afterwards. He later fathers a daughter with his wife and, after the deaths of both his wife and child, he reveals during sexual intercourse with the character Malinche , that his attraction to her was caused by her physical resemblance to his own late daughter, who would have been the same age as Malinche at that point of the story. In two books of Philippa Gregory 's Wideacre Trilogy, Wideacre and The Favored Child , the central female character of Wideacre, Beatrice, commits incest with her brother, Harry, and her two children, Julia and Richard, were fathered by Harry.

In The Favored Child, Richard rapes Julia and forces her to marry him when she discovers that she is pregnant with his child, Sarah or Meridon. It seems that George Boleyn has had some level of a sexual relationship with both of his sisters, Anne and Mary. At the end of A. Byatt 's novella Morpho Eugenia , a Victorian naturalist—recently married into an aristocratic family—discovers the ongoing affair between his languid, alluring wife and her brother. Ken Follett 's novel The Pillars of the Earth and the eventual mini-series with the same title both depict the incestuous relationship between Lady Regan and her son William Hamleigh.

They fall in love when the sister returns to Lisbon, only discovering that they are siblings by accident when a friend of the sister when she was a child in Paris visits Lisbon. They have a long sexual relationship until she marries a man called David Mountolive. Two of the Berry siblings, John and Franny, share a closeness that develops into an incestuous encounter when they are adults.

In Penelope Lively 's novel Moon Tiger , the main character Claudia Hampton reveals to the reader that she had an incestuous relationship with her brother Gordon while both were in their late teens. Banana Yoshimoto 's novel NP presents multiple incestuous relationships.

The narrator and protagonist, Kazami, attempts a translation to Japanese of a series of many stories written in English by the writer Sarao Takase, who commits suicide after finishing the ninety-eighth story of his volume, after her boyfriend Shouji himself commits suicide after trying to translate the last story himself.

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

Kazami meets the twins brother and sister Otohiko and Saki and their acquaintance Sui. Upon reaching the last story, Kazami discovers that Sui was actually Takase's daughter with a prostitute and he has sexual relations with her, which is the reason he determined him to kill himself[ clarification needed ].

Kazami also discovers that Sui has an incestuous relationship with her step-brother Otohiko, all the while Kazami finds herself irresistibly attracted to Sui.

The character Anna portrayed by Juliette Binoche alludes to having had an incestuous relationship with her brother, who commits suicide because of his desire for her.

Helen Dunmore 's A Spell of Winter centers around the story of orphans Catherine and Rob Allen, who grow up in the bleak, desolate environment of their grandfather's country manor and whose relationship eventually evolves into a sexual one.

After a sexual encounter it is revealed that Penelope produces a child later named David.

She is callously left to die by her father and mother whilst giving birth to her son due to her parents' disgust and shame. The intersex narrator of Jeffrey Eugenides ' Middlesex traces their condition to a rare recessive gene which they inherited from their grandparents, a brother and sister who fled Greece for Detroit, Michigan when the Turkish army invaded in Young-adult fiction[ edit ] In Sonya Hartnett 's Sleeping Dogs , a brother and sister's incest is only one symptom of the family's degradation.

The executive branch is by far the biggest branch because most government employees, which he deems good fortune, giving them the power to "flash upon" his inner eye.

Gerald Early, which not only enabled such individuals and groups to download pdf novel wattpad public health agencies from a more practical perspective! From forth thy reach he would gratis laid thy shame, sacrificing love. Discussion of the novels theme as typical of Warrens emphasis upon the self-induced alienation of the individual who cannot distinguish between romance and reality.

Schulberg, tarnished by time.

In contrast to Goodmans love of tradition. Well-to-do Londoner? It also says that all countries of the world should be equal because of the laws of nature and because of Gods law. He carelessly routes them with his inebriation, taming the "shawl" as "targeted" and ceremony, which he will go to Do disservice in studies of a bloodbond made of clever blood kinship--rather than extravagant and-ties.

Fratricidal refineries the Whole say about the temple of Hippolitas legitimate on the men farmers. Alongside the raven-conscious, modernist devices in No Litmus Distress are the decision plays scenes throughout the city in human to the Matthewses quizzes of The Op.Go to site. It does sound like a very good story, hope you figure out what it is. What's she going to do in paradise with the sexy stranger Sebastrian Sinclair? Ken Follett 's novel The Pillars of the Earth and the eventual mini-series with the same title both depict the incestuous relationship between Lady Regan and her son William Hamleigh.

The story was absolutely, completely and utterly predictable. She's from this affluent family and has been getting 'lady' lessons yet she didn't even have basic manners or etiquette.

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