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The hanger will often have a seal integrated into the OD and it requires minimum amount of loading to seal. Mandrel hangers are most often used in multi-bowl wellheads and the annulus seal can be a separate component that is installed after the hanger is landed.

Generally the seal is a low-compression elastomer. API 6A identifies five groups of casing hangers and tubing hangers.

The Groups 1 to 5 are defined by their external configurations, with or without seals, retention methods, and internal configurations [11]. These are Group 1: Hangs casing with no annular seas. Group 2: Hangs casing and seals pressure from one direction.

Group 3: Hangs casing and seals pressure from top and bottom with or without ring-joint isolation seal and downhole lines. Group 4: Same as Group 3, with that hanger held in place by mechanical means applied to a retention feature.

Diễn đàn THIÊN AN

Group 5: Same as Group 4, with the hanger receiving back-pressure valve. Figure 4. Specification for drilling and well servicing structures, 4th ed.

API Publication; Operation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of drilling and well servicing structures, 4th ed. Oil and gas drilling technology. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma; AISC steel construction manual, 13th ed. API Spec 9A. Specification for wire rope. Application, care, and use of wire rope for oil field service.

API Spec 8C.

Drilling and production hoisting equipment, 5th ed. Inspection, maintenance, repair, and remanufacture of hoisting equipment, 7th ed. ABS rules for building and classing mobile drilling units.

American Bureau of Shipping Publication; Seismic assessment procedure for drilling structures on offshore platforms. SPE Publication; Specification for wellhead and Christmas tree equipment, 20th ed. Drilling and Well Completions Chapter 4 4.

Normally, a hoisting system has an even number of working lines between the traveling block and the crown block. The dead line is anchored to the rig floor across from the drawworks. The weight indicator is a load cell incorporated in the dead line anchor. The mechanical advantage of the hoisting system is determined by the block and tackle and the number of working lines between the crown block and the traveling block [1].

Thus, for the static condition i.


Under dynamic conditions, there will be an efficiency factor for the block and tackle system to reflect these losses. The efficiency will be denoted as the hook-to-drawwork efficiency eh.

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The force in the fast line under dynamic conditions i. The crown block weighs 9, lb and the traveling block weighs 4, lb. Assume that there are no other tools hanging in the derrick and that the deadline is attached to the rig floor across from the drawworks in its normal position see Figure 4. On most modern rotary drilling rigs, the prime movers either operate the hoisting drum within the drawworks or operate the rotary table through the transmission within the drawworks.

Papers selected to the present monograph are only a small piece of subjects being investigated in Poland in the range of medical computer science.

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Computers in Medical Activity.

Front Matter. Pages Kulikowski, Adam Bajera.

Rough Set Theory in the Classification of Diagnoses.Typically, the casing spool will have a pressure rating one rating higher than the starting head below it. These specialty connections utilize mechanical gripping dogs that bite into the casing outer surfaces dogs are activated by screws to secure it to the pipe.

The top bowl will be similar to the starting head and have a casing hanger load shoulder and annulus seal area. Pulp tester should be generously coated with a viscous conductor e. Some manufactures use seals the require compression from a gland nut so they can hold pressure.

Laser Doppler Flowmetry Figs 1.

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API Spec 9A. The MC guide screw will pass thru a gland nut which can also create a possible leak path. The power is provided to the drawworks by the prime movers at the master clutch see Figure 4.

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