Woolard George Key Words for Fluency Pre Interm. Core Fluency Thesaurus by Kev Nair, 2nd Edition - p. 3 Key Words for Fluency Upper-Intermediate. Fluency in Functional English Part-II. Woolard George Key Words for Fluency Pre Interm. Core Fluency Thesaurus by Kev Nair, 2nd Edition - p. Key words for fluency: intermediate: collocation practice: learning and DOWNLOAD PDF Texts for Fluency Practice Level C (Texts for Fluency Practice).

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Key Words for Fluency: Learning and Practising the Most Useful Words of English , 3 vols. Author: George Woolard (, ). Publisher. Upper—| ntermediate collocation practice Learning and practising the most useful words of'English Key Words for Fluency Upper intermediate. 1 Key Words for Fluency Pre-Intermediate 1. Anda Pop. Uploaded by. Anda Pop. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email.

I learned all of my French numbers and colors at the same time, and I still have problems remembering whether sept is six or seven, or whether jaune is yellow or green.

Easily Confounded Images i.

Learn these words by adding a personal touch i. This usually works until Then search for the digits 10, 11, Add in the number of each month to get more specific.

To get more specific, use an image of a weekly calendar with weekends greyed out and indicate which day you want. If needed, define each time division in terms of another time division, i.

Note: Make sure you read about these in your grammar book before adding them.

Languages divide their pronouns into many categories. How do you learn these without translations?

Use these images, and if your language, like Hungarian, has different sorts of pronouns for different sorts of relationships i. Use their names on your flashcards.

Key Words for Fluency Upper Intermediate: Learning and practising the most useful words of English

The Alphabetical Order List along with printable lists, etc. Method We designed an exploratory analysis of primary research data collected in the context of a larger study of adult literacy learners.

Standard multiple regression analyses identified the contributions of independent variables representing oral reading speed and word error rate to variance in two reading competence indices. Participants had to be at least 16 years old; withdrawn from secondary education without earning a secondary credential or without attaining basic reading, writing or math skills; and, in order to receive a nominal participation payment, a U.

Because this study addressed literacy and not language differences, we excluded all English language learners enrolled in English as a Second Language ESL courses. Non-native English speakers who were sufficiently proficient in English to be enrolled in non-ESL courses were retained in the sample population. For each of the three highest educational functional levels—Levels 4, 5, and 6—we randomly selected a sample for a total of approximately 60 learners per level.


Although our intention was to use this sampling method with the three lowest levels, too few lower level learners volunteered for the study. Therefore, we used a convenience sample that included all eligible volunteers in Levels 1, 2, and 3, up to a total of 60 per level.

Three hundred and thirty eligible learners were selected for the study. Eleven of these learners refused to participate after initially agreeing to take assessments, most commonly due to stated lack of time.

Finally, we excluded another 13 learners who participated in the assessments, but for whose data we had validity concerns e.

Topic based Country 9. Other Cambridge University Press, A good knowledge of collocations typical word combinations is essential for fluent and natural-sounding English. Learning correct word combinations will English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate is a vocabulary book for good intermediate level learners and above.The doctor said that I would start to.

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For example, this will allow you to say: To collect the data, this study employed the observation sheet adapted by Tarone , which determined nine categories of communication strategies; approximation, word coinage, circumlocution, literal translation, language switch, mime, appeal for assistance, topic avoidance, and message abandonment.

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Relation and interactions among reading fluency and competence for adult education learners

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