Pictures from the book “Drawings from the GULAG” by Danzig Baldaev, a retired Soviet prison guard. Depictions of the Soviet genocide. Featuring over drawings and texts by Danzig Baldaev – author of the acclaimed Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume I, II, III – this book describes the history, horror and peculiarities of the Gulag system from its inception in Baldaev's work as a prison. Those pictures are from the book "Drawings from the GULAG" by the book is banned for publishing, but it is possible to find pdf on internet.

Drawings From The Gulag Pdf

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Drawings From the GULAG (Bolshevik Extermination Camps in Russia) - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. PDF - Danzig Baldaev: Drawings from the Gulag. Drawings from the Gulag consists of drawings by Danzig Baldaev (author of the acclaimed Russian. Drawings from the Gulag consists of drawings by Danzig Baldaev (author of the acclaimed Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia series), describing.

Baldaev was not a pornographer in any conventional sense, but was nevertheless inundated by pornography, for he was surrounded by the pornographic sadism that characterised — sometimes by design, sometimes by default — the Soviet punitive machine. An amateur anthropologist who had been denied an education because of his family's political ignominy, Baldaev struggled to anatomise on paper the system that defined him, and in which he was complicit.

His drawings and descriptions imprint themselves awfully in the imagination: in one image, three nude, emaciated women, so wasted by hunger and work that their uteruses have prolapsed, line up before a camp doctor beneath a sign bearing Lenin's dictate, "He who does not work, neither shall he eat.

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Elsewhere, sick workers are steamed in a sauna, and then hauled naked into temperatures below freezing to expire from shock. On the most nauseating page, a young woman who has refused the sexual advances of her captors sits tied to a tree atop an anthill in the notoriously insect-ridden Siberian woods with a tube "inserted into the vagina so the ants could crawl inside".

Readers may wonder whether Baldaev's illustrations are accurate documents of atrocities at all, or were intended as anti-Soviet polemic.

The answer is both: Baldaev depicts the Bolshevik coup of as a national tragedy following which "the peoples of Russia recalled life under the tsar as a lost paradise". He describes the Bolsheviks' antireligious militancy as the sole impetus for the moral collapse he encountered. Yet while his analysis of the Soviet disaster rests upon simplistic nostalgia for a golden age of church and monarchy, the editors of this book have convincingly corroborated many of his representations with parallel accounts from the canon of Russian Gulag literature.

Viewers may also question whether the artistic merits of Baldaev's drawings redeem their potential prurience. While it is necessary to know that "enemies of the people" were subjected to revolting forms of torture and humiliation, one may ask: are the interests of history in any way served by a graphic image of a bound woman with ants crawling into her vagina? There are strong artistic precedents to support Baldaev's case: Goya's Disasters of War, for example, recorded politically motivated atrocities in a similar manner and thus prophesied the modern conception of warfare.

You enemy!

Admit it! This was going on for hours and days. Such tortures were used in other Gulag prisons also. Inmates are gathered for the roll call. Even those who died at night and ill ones with a body temperature of C must be present.

Plan at any cost…. Warning — one step aside is considered an escape, guards open fire without warning!

Band — play the march! First five, onwards! Foreman, approach! After USSR government order at July 05, that set the punishments for theft and robbery up to years of imprisonment , the criminal world had been broken on two.

Sometimes 50 and more thugs have been killed in a single fight, while Gulag administration was taking no serious actions about that. A working inmate was thrown to still liquid concrete by thieves during construction of a hydroelectric power plant.

Mad from hunger, some prisoners were scavenging the kitchen waste for food.

Get up! Lay down! Prisoners were forced to lay down wherever the guards wanted — to snow, mud, or dirt. For disobedience, people were shot at the spot. Thugs mostly thieves were practicing self-injury to avoid heavy labor. They chopped off their own fingers and hands, swallowed spoons, nails etc. To let ants eat the victim from the inside, sometimes a pipe made of birch bark or hollow stem was inserted into vagina and legs tied spread.

Often, female thugs were helping butchers to do this….

Having no possibility to stock up on food in distant northern camps, getaway thugs often were taking inexperienced inmates with them — to kill and eat them on the way.

If a prisoner was injured at taiga, mine or other workplace, almost no medical treatment was provided. Prisoner is being punished for disobedience and assault on the camp staff. For assaulting guards, resisting detention regime and refusing to work inmates were brutally punished, up to execution and starvation to death in SCUs.

Before the WW2 in , by the order of Stalin, L. Beria created of such large military formations. After short training in special camps with light firearms only , soldiers were stealthily transported towards the Western USSR borders.

Poorly equipped and trained, unable to provide any serious defense in those assault formations were quickly destroyed and imprisoned by Germans. Danzig Baldaev was not a victim of red atrocities — indeed, he worked at the one side with uniformed butchers and was honorably retired to die from the old age. While he is no more in this world, no one can know what motivated him to tell the truth — the harshest anathema for all commies.

Because each and every of those gruesome episodes had been described in the memoirs of various GULAG survivors. Created by completely opposite personality Countess Evfrosiniya Antonovna Kersnovskaya , those drawings show the SAME images of the red atrocities as ones you just saw above. This is how the modern nation of russian scum had been bred. This was the plan to create the most horrible creature ever — the soviet subhuman, or der untermensch, to handle and keep alive the inhuman ideas after the death of their filthy founders.

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Looking at the modern Russia, one can easily see that bolshevik scumbags succeeded here. Maybe even more than they were expecting back in s themselves. The Nazi regime was condemned and proclaimed a world scapegoat for crimes much lesser but russian commies got away far not only with GULAG atrocities that NO concentration camp could challenge with.

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June 23, at Like Like. Nicolas von Schatz said: Despite the presence of some Jews in the administration of bolshevik regime, the main force of commies always was in the horde of russians — the nation with a predatory lust for tyranny, murder and brutality. Truth Teller said: June 28, at Actually, if you check the list of top communists after the revolution they were almost ALL Jews.

Today Putin is surrounded by Jews also, check the background of most of the oligarchs who support him.

Danzig Baldaev: Drawings from the Gulag

He has even enacted a law against holocaust denial. He probably is a secret Jew. Like Liked by 1 person. Even if supposed true, this does not exclude things told above. Indeed, this is another proof how filthy russian nature is. Instead of overthrowing those criminals, ruskies were coming to war for them, always ready to give infinite quantities of cannon fodder for preservation of own slavery. In s they were granted with a true democracy. The last chance — used by ruskies just to return back to red serfdom.

To cut it short, no one forces them to live in shit and hate others for being clean. Thug Putin is a face of those untermenschen. It differs from well-known forms of fascism, racism, nationalism with by special cruelty, both to a man and nature. The principle of its operation is the destruction of everything using the scorched-earth tactics. It is characterized by a schizophrenic form of world domination mania.

It is based on slave mentality and parasites on falsified history on occupied territories and oppressed peoples.

Permanent legal-political and ideological terrorism is typical for Russism. September 29, at May 31, at The entire communist bs that spread around the world as plague was a jewish creation.

How was that? By tearing a part and sparked proxy civil wars in former USSR and the Balkans , while during the turmoil the filthy jews taking over the natural resources of Russia and Europe? Is that what you call democracy? But it is impossible to find the answer to the eternal question: To explain the actions of the Kiev Cheka only by the fact that two thirds were Jews, is certainly incorrect….

If I would care to generalize, and to say that the life of the Jews in the camps was especially hard, I could, and would not face reproach for an unjust national generalization. But in the camps where I was kept, it was different. The Jews whose experience I saw — their life was softer than that of others.

There are no world-wide manhunts for the Jewish perpetrators of the Russian genocide, no trials for them, no memorial museums on the Washington Mall, hardly a mention in the press. Ironically, Solzenitsyn is accused of being factually inaccurate and the Jews were furious at Solzhenitsyn for even mentioning it in passing.. Yet, there was no such criticism of Jewish scholar Yuri Slezkine who writes a paean to Jewish power in the Jewish Century and boasts of their predominant role in the Bolshevik Revolution and even admits to their role in the genocidal secret police.

That would be the best seller book of all the time , if anyone would allow it to be published that is. Oh, I will answer your simple question: His paternal grandfather worked all his life as the chef for Lenin and Stalin. Now you know WHY! June 1, at Your comment is a piece of priceless evidence indeed. Common katsap trolls get their asses banned at sight here, but your epic jet farter frenzy deserves permanent demonstration together with pictures of your buddies so the entire Web could see once again that russian imbecility has no limits.

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Even if ruskies pull down their pants and shit at the table in front of a NS, for the latter Jews will be the first to blame. RP said: March 18, at That had nothing to do with tsarism then or Bolshevism today.

Drawings from the Gulag – Ink drawings of the Soviet gulag’s horrors, perversions and peculiarities

It simply has to do with the fact that the various peoples joined together in this monster of a nation are not a folk in our sense of the word.

A rapid birthrate quickly replaces any losses. They have a type of primitive toughness that one cannot call bravery. It is entirely different. Bravery is a kind of spiritual courage.

The toughness with which the Bolshevists defended their bunkers in Sevastapol was more a bestial drive, and nothing could be more mistaken than to assume that it was the result of Bolshevist views or education. The Russians were always like that.

March 19, at Well, old Joseph had a point there. January 10, at January 11, at I leafed through this book once. The work of Mr. Lina has its own noteworthy and weak places — first ones are mostly facts, second are mostly conclusions.

That would mean that the Germans and all of these people are scum too? Face it, these people are superior to the native population.

The proof is in the pudding. Before I spend my time to answer any of your numerous comments, answer this simple question: October 26, at Reviews [Baldaev] was an example of a relatively understudied phenomenon: The NKVD did no checks of those denunciations. Yet it is best not to idealise such hiding spaces as reserves of dormant illumination; indeed, there may have been no limit to the depths of darkness possible within them. Baldaev's father, a respected ethnographer, taught him techniques to record the tattoos of criminals in St.

For assaulting guards, resisting detention regime and refusing to work inmates were brutally punished, up to execution and starvation to death in SCUs. Afterwards most of victims committed suicide hanged themselves, cut their veins, ate soil etc.

The NKVD supported delation of parents by their own children. Somos a maior rede social do Brasil criada especialmente para quem ama ler.

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